1 MHz, Single-Supply, Photodiode Amplifier Reference Design (TIPD176)

This circuit consists of a single-supply op amp configured as a transimpedance amplifier with a bandwidth greater than 1MHz for amplifying the light- dependent current of a photodiode. A small bias voltage derived from the positive supply and applied to the op amp’s non-inverting input. This prevents the output from saturating at the negative supply rail in the absence of input current. It is designed to produce output voltages of .1V to 4.9V for photodiode currents of 0uA to 90uA. This circuit is designed for use in common transimpedance amplifier applications such as barcode scanners, optical networking, and spectrometers.


Includes theory, component selection, TINA-TI simulation, PCB schematic & layout, bill of materials, and measured results Single Supply Photodiode Amplifier >1MHz Bandwidth Gain 53.6k V/A Input: 0-90uA Output .1V to 4.9V 1.5mA supply current


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1 MHz, Single-Supply, Photodiode Amplifier Reference Design TIPD176

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