0.1-10Hz Amplifier Noise Measurement Filter Reference Design (TIPD122)

This circuit is designed to amplify low frequency noise (0.1Hz to 10Hz) to a level that is easily measured by and oscilloscope. It achieves this function with a 0.1Hz second order high pass filter and a to 10Hz forth order low pass filter. The 0.1Hz to 10Hz noise measurement is a common figure of merit given in amplifier data sheets. This design is intended to facilitate the measurement 0.1Hz to 10Hz noise for the commonly used different package styles. See more TI Precision Designs


Filters 0.1Hz to 10Hz noise Amplifies noise by a factor of 100,000 x Allows for testing of common amplifier package configurations This Verified Design Includes: Theory Component Selection TINA-TI Simulation Schematics and PCB Layout Verification and Measured Performance Modification Options


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0.1-10Hz Amplifier Noise Measurement Filter Reference Design TIPD122

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