Isolated Current Sensing Reference Design Solution, 5A, 2kV (TIPD121)

This TI Precision Reference Design provides a user-side solution for providing power to the hot side of an isolated current shunt monitor. The first step in creating an isolated current sense solution, is to provide power to the primary side of the sensor. This reference design will go through the steps in selecting a transformer, rectifying diodes and filter components necessary for providing a low cost 'off the shelf' solution to a common problem. See more TI Precision Designs


Provides 5.0VISO @ 10mA (min) from 3.3V User Power Single 3.3V or 5.0V Supply Solution Utilizes AMC1200/1100 Isolation Amplifiers This Precision Reference Design Includes Theory Component Selection TINA-TI Simulation Modification Options


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Isolated Current Sensing Reference Design Solution, 5A, 2kV TIPD121