Data Acquisition at 1KHz AC, 1mW, 18bit, 1Msps Reference Design (TIPD114)

This TI Verified Design provides results of a low power, low throughput use case of ADS8881. One of the ways to reduce power for a low throughput application is to select a high throughput (1 MSPS) part and run it at low speed. The power consumed by ADS8881 is 55uW for 10kSPS. The reference drive and the input drive needs to be optimized for low power too. This design covers the various tradeoff's that need to be made and the choices to pick from, in order to bring the overall system power down to 1mW. See more TI Precision Designs


18 Bit, 10ksps Sampling Rate 1kHz AC Optimization: Ultra Low Power Power: 1mW @ AVDD =3.3V Utilizes ADS8881 (18bit, 1Msps SAR ADC), OPA2333 (Input), OPA313 + REF3325 (Reference) This Verified Design Includes: Theory Component Selection TINA-TI Simulation Schematics and PCB Layout Verification and Measured Performance Modification Options


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Data Acquisition at 1KHz AC, 1mW, 18bit, 1Msps Reference Design TIPD114

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