Three-Phase Brushless/PMSM Low Current Motor Control Solution with InstaSPIN Software (TIDM-THREEPHASE-BLDC-LC-INST)

This reference design demonstrates a motor control solution for spinning medium voltage three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) and brushless AC (BLAC) motors- often referred to as permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) - featuring the C2000™ InstaSPIN™ TMS320F28069M microcontroller and the DRV8312 3-phase motor driver. The reference design features InstaSPIN-FOC field oriented control technology and InstaSPIN-MOTION speed and position control technology. With Texas Instruments’ InstaSPIN technologies, designers of all skill levels can implement a high-performance, power efficient, cost-effective, sensorless field-oriented control platform with robust movement capabilities. Applications include sub-50V and 3.5A synchronous motors for driving pumps, gates, lifts, fans, as well as both industrial and consumer robotics and automation.


Three phase motor inverter supporting up to 50V and 3.5A (continuous), great for spinning medium voltage motors Sensorless motor control implemented via InstaSPIN™ field oriented control technology, included with the C2000™ InstaSPIN™ TMS320F28069M microcontroller Accelerate, position, and plan advanced movements with included InstaSPIN-MOTION technology on the C2000 InstaSPIN TMS320F28069M microcontroller Spin brushless DC (BLDC) and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM)—or brushless AC (BLAC) motors Fully-functional evaluation board includes NEMA17 55W Motor, operating software, hardware design files, quick start graphical interface and step-by-step documentation NOTE: Software and documentation for this board can be found inside the Motorware™ software package. Download Motorware at Once installed, navigate to Resources -> DRV 8301 Drive.


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Three-Phase Brushless/PMSM Low Current Motor Control Solution with InstaSPIN Software TIDM-THREEPHASE-BLDC-LC-INST

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