Total Harmonic Distortion Measurement For Energy Monitoring Reference Design (TIDM-THDREADING)

The TIDM-THDREADING reference design implements power quality analysis in a three-phase energy measurement system. Power quality monitoring and analysis has an increasingly large role in improving the reliability of the electricity grid. The design measures Total Harmonic Distortion(THD), monitors voltage sags and swells, and measures phase-to-phase angles to help determine phase sequence and prevent accidental phase swapping. Four-quadrant energy measurement is supported for net metering systems with bi-directional energy flow.


THD calculated for voltage and current Voltage sag and swell events logged with programmable threshold levels Phase-to-phase angle measurement Four quadrant energy measurement with Class 0.2 accuracy Complete Energy Library with fundamental voltage and current, fundamental active and reactive power, active and reactive energy, Root Mean Square(RMS) current and voltage, power factor, and line frequency


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Total Harmonic Distortion Measurement For Energy Monitoring Reference Design TIDM-THDREADING

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