System on Module for Power Line Communication (FCC frequency band) Reference Design (TIDM-SOMPLC-FCC)

The SOMPLC-FCC is a single-board System on Module(SOM) for narrowband Power Line Communications in the FCC frequency band. Narrowband PLC is designed for Smart Grid Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) networks. Engineers can take the SOM design and integrate it into their overall system board or keep the design as an add-on board to their application. The only additional hardware required is the AC mains line coupling circuitry(TIDA-00192). The included hardware schematics and Gerber files simplify the task for engineers to add PLC to their end system. OEMs will benefit from having the ability to rapidly evaluate and prototype Power Line Communications technology in their application.


• Supports FCC, ARIB, and CENELEC frequency bands • Supports PLC data concentrators (TIDEP0006) plus smart meter end points • G3-PLC and IEEE-1901.2 firmware available • Compatible with PRIME in FCC frequency band • Small form factor: 1.5” X 1.9 • This design is tested and includes production-ready software along with GUI and complete User’s Guide. Software discussed in this design can be downloaded from


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System on Module for Power Line Communication (FCC frequency band) Reference Design TIDM-SOMPLC-FCC

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