Remote Controller of Air Conditioner using Low Power Microcontroller(TIDM-REMOTE-CONTROLLER-FOR-AC)

This design demonstrates an ultra-low power general purpose infrared remote controller solution. An FRAM-based MCU MSP430FR4133 is used which supports all the necessary features like real time clock, button scan, infrared code sending, LED backlight and LCD display.


Ultra-low power system with long battery life : as low to 3uA standby current with LCD and RTC On Low cost design using highly integrated ultra-low power FRAM MCU for minimum external components Full functional demonstration including battery detection, key-scan, RTC, infrared signal transmitting for remote controller SW optimized for real remote controller of air conditioner application Easy for evaluation, ready to use


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Remote Controller of Air Conditioner using Low Power Microcontroller TIDM-REMOTE-CONTROLLER-FOR-AC

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