NFC I2C Reader Module Reference Design(TIDM-NFC-I2C-MODULE)

This Near Field Communication (NFC) reference design provides a complete hardware and firmware example for an NFC Module with an I2C Communication interface. The firmware example demonstrates NFC Reader/Writer functionality by reading ISO15693, ISO14443A, ISO14443B, and Felica tags. Unlike some evaluation modules, this NFC module was designed specifically easy integration into existing applications. This reduces the resource demand on the developers while still supporting full functionality.


I2C 400 kHz Interface Reads ISO15693, ISO14443A, ISO14443B, and Felica Tags Module includes onboard MCU and stack to reduce demand of Host MCU Designed to be a drop in ready module with simple communication interface Anti-collision allows reading multiple NFC tags at once Design is tested and includes firmware, GUI Software, hardware design, and application report


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NFC I2C Reader Module Reference Design TIDM-NFC-I2C-MODULE

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