Wired KNX Thermostat Reference Design (TIDM-KNXTHERMOSTAT)

This design serves as a demonstration platform for the KNX software and hardware offering for MSP430™ microcontrollers (MCUs) from TI and TAPKO Technologies GmbH™. The wired KNX thermostat takes advantage of the ultra-low-power FRAM technology of the MSP430FR5969 MCU to efficiently achieve a thermostat with persistent user settings upon power cycles. The real time clock (RTC) of the MSP microcontroller enables the creation of temperature profiles for automatic temperature adjustment. Temperature and humidity measurements are collected by TI’s HDC1000 digital humidity sensor and sent to the MSP MCU over an I2C communication line. The Sharp® Memory LCD BoosterPack™ (430BOOST-SHARP96) plug-in module and four switches are used to create a user interface.


Fully certified twisted-pair KNX transceiver KNX stack support for TPUART and bit-based TP Interoperability with any certified KNX device Thermostat with setting retention upon power down KAIstack licensing available through TAPKO Technologies Order 3rd party PHY Module and KNX power supply (info@tapko.de) More information on 3rd party USB-to-KNX


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Wired KNX Thermostat Reference Design TIDM-KNXTHERMOSTAT

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