Dynamic Near Field Communication (NFC) Type 4B Tag (TIDM-DYNAMICNFCTAG)

This dynamic Near Field Communication (NFC) tag design outlines the required components, layout considerations, and provides firmware examples to implement NFC into applications such as Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® pairing, equipment configuration and diagnostics, or as a general purpose NFC data interface. The documentation, hardware, and example code provided allows the designer to quickly implement NFC functionality with an MSP430 or other MCU of choice.


NFC Tag Type 4B compliant design ISO14443B compliant 13.56-MHz RF interface supports up to 848 kbps for fast data transfer Code examples to write and read NDEF messages to internal SRAM 3kB SRAM for a large variety NDEF message types Interrupt register and output pin to indicate NDEF read or write completion for further processing This design is tested and includes firmware, hardware design, and a user's guide


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Dynamic Near Field Communication (NFC) Type 4B Tag TIDM-DYNAMICNFCTAG

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