Battery-less Near Field Communication (NFC) Keyboard (TIDM-BATTERYLESSNFCKEYBOARD)

This solution implements a batteryless keyboard using Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. The core part of this solution is TI’s dynamic NFC tag that can be read and written to by a host microcontroller. Mobile phones that support NFC can quickly discover and recognize this keyboard and then build a connection between the keyboard and application. This design is a battery-less system (i.e., does not require a battery to operate), which enables customers to build products with optimized dimensions (e.g., thin keyboards) and of lighter weight (e.g., easier to carry).


Battery-less solution Standard PC/AT keyboard character set More than 400 characters /min input capability About 20 mW power consumption for both ultra-low-power MSP MCU and RF430CL330 tag Low-cost PCB coil antenna for power harvesting Android test tool and InputMethod application provided


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Battery-less Near Field Communication (NFC) Keyboard TIDM-BATTERYLESSNFCKEYBOARD

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