Implementation of a 3-Phase Rogowski Coil Based Watt Hour Meter Reference Design (TIDM-3PHMETER-ROGOWSKI)

This design, implements a highly integrated single chip electricity metering solution, with support for Rogowski Coil current sensors. Hardware and software design files are provided to enable calculation of various parameters for multi-phase energy measurement, such as RMS current & voltage, active and reactive power and energies, power factor and frequency. The added hardware and software support for Rogowski Coils make it easy to interface with Rogowski coils with minimal hardware changes when migrating from traditional current transformers. The Rogowski coil current sense library implements an efficient software integration of the Rogowski output, enabling this to be a single chip solution for 3-phase e-metering. Software package also includes a dummy application for quick and easy evaluation of the hardware and software.


3 phase 0.5% energy metering solution Low cost isolated current sensing using Rogowski Coils Software integrator solution – minimal hardware changes to migrate from existing CT based solutions Current sensing immune to EMI No effect of DC components of current No phase shift in current measurement


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Implementation of a 3-Phase Rogowski Coil Based Watt Hour Meter Reference Design TIDM-3PHMETER-ROGOWSKI

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