QVGA 3-D Graphics on Ultra Low Power Microcontrollers (TIDM-3DGRAPHICS-QVGA)

This reference design demonstrates how to implement three-dimensional (3-D) graphics on a QVGA LCD using the low-power and performance MSP430F5529 microcontroller as well as the ultra-low-power MSP430FR5969 FRAM microcontroller. This implementation is made possible by using free and optimized software drivers and math libraries available in MSP430ware™. Using the floating-point and fixed-point libraries in MSPMATHLIB and IQmathLib respectively, developers can improve the math performance in MSP430™ and potentially increase battery life in a number of applications.


Real-time 3-D graphics on a QVGA TFT LCD with 262-K colors from Kentec Display Resistive touch screen interface with built-in calibration routine Driver library and graphics library components simplify code development IQmathLib fixed-point software libraries and MSPMATHLIB Floating-point software libraries optimized math performance on MSP430™ microcontrollers Source code contains projects for Code Composer Studio™ and IAR Embedded LaunchPad™ workbench


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QVGA 3-D Graphics on Ultra Low Power Microcontrollers TIDM-3DGRAPHICS-QVGA

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