Two Phase Embedded Metering (TIDM-2PHASE-SUBMTR)

This design implements a high accuracy 2 phases embedded metering application using MSP430i2040. Built to support of measuring AC voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency, power factor on 2 phases measured individually. Additional hardware is added to provide futher wired/wireless communication. TIDM-2PHASE-SUBMTR achieves an accuracy of <0.2% error over a 30mA to 30A range and <0.5% error over a 10-mA to 30-A range


Measures AC frequency, RMS voltage, RMS current Measures power active, power reactive, power apparent, and power factor in better than 0.5% accuracy Readings update every 8 AC cycles Automatic reporting measurements to UART


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Two Phase Embedded Metering TIDM-2PHASE-SUBMTR

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