Dual-axis motor drive using fast current loop (FCL) and SFRA on a single MCU reference design(TIDM-02007)

This reference design presents a dual-axis motor drive using Fast Current Loop (FCL) and Software Frequency Response Analyzer (SFRA) technologies on a single C2000 controller. The FCL takes CPU and CLA parallel processing technique to achieve a substantial improvement in control bandwidth and phase margin, to reduce the latency between feedback sampling and PWM update, to achieve higher control bandwidth and maximum modulation index, to improve DC bus utilization by the drive and increase speed range of the motor. Integrated the SFRA tool enables developers to quickly measure the frequency response of the application to tune speed and current controllers. Given the system-level integration and performance of C2000 series MCUs have the ability to support dual-axis motor drive requirements simultaneously that delivers very robust position control with higher performance. The software is released within C2000Ware MotorControl SDK.


  • Three-phase GaN inverter with wide-input voltage from 12-V to 60-V and 7-Arms, 10-A peak output current per phase.
  • Precision-phase current sensing with high accuracy (0.1%) based inline shunt resistor on BoosterPack.
  • Implement dual-axis motor drive with Fast Current Loop (FCL) on a single F2837x or F28004x MCU on the existing hardware kit.
  • Working software is compatible with F2837x or F28004x as a starting point for those with expertise or limited expertise.
  • Enables outer position and velocity loop, and inner torque loop using FCL technique simultaneously to achieve fast response on each motor.
  • Integrated SFRA tool to support tuning speed and current loops online separately.
  • Incremental system builds are designed to verify the major software modules used in the system.
  • Low PWM update latency (1.02 uS on F2837x, 2.02 us on F28004x) to achieve higher control bandwidth and modulation index.

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Dual-axis motor drive using fast current loop (FCL) and SFRA on a single MCU reference design TIDM-02007

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