IEC 61850 Demonstration of Substation Bay Controller on Beaglebone Cape and Starter Kit (TIDEP0019)

A low cost, simplified implementation of an IEC 61850 Substation Bay Controller is demonstrated by running the Triangle MicroWorks IEC 61850 stack efficiently on the TI AM335X platform with a Linux target layer definition. Many different substation automation applications can be built on top of the AM335X platform and 61850 stack demonstration.


A Substation Bay Controller including 1 circuit breaker, 2 disconnectors, and a 61850 Server is implemented on a Beaglebone Card with 61850 Demo Cape The current and voltage can be adjusted using potentiometers on the 61850 Demo Cape and the circuit breaker will trip if over-voltage or over-current limits are exceeded The Bay Controller includes an interlocking function which does not allow the disconnectors to switch current while the breaker is closed The 61850 Client application is run on the TI Starter Kit, implementing a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that sends IEC 61850 operate requests to the Substation Bay Controller A separate 61850 Client GUI is available to report status and send operate commands to the Substation Bay Controller This sub-system is for demonstration purposes and includes GUI, application, and Design Guide


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IEC 61850 Demonstration of Substation Bay Controller on Beaglebone Cape and Starter Kit TIDEP0019

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