DDR3 Reference Design without VTT termination using AM437x (TIDEP0012)

Designers can save board space, cost and reduce power consumption by following DDR3 guidelines without VTT termination. This reference design shows how to do that with AM437x. This type of design is not for everyone as there are certain restrictions. Having short trace lengths, a maximum of two DDR3 parts and a balanced T-topology are must-have requirements; otherwise VTT termination guidelines should be followed.


System optimized DDR3/DDR3L design on Sitara AM437x processor with integrated DDR controller Optimized layout requires no VTT termination Two 4-Gbit DDR3 / DDR3L memories Up to 400 MHz clock (DDR-800 data rate) Complete sub-system reference with schematics, BOM, design files and HW User's Guide implemented on a fully assembled board developed for testing and validation.


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DDR3 Reference Design without VTT termination using AM437x TIDEP0012

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