Beamsteering for corner radar reference design(TIDEP-01021)

This reference design provides a foundation for blind-spot detection (BSD), cross-traffic alert (CTA), lane-change assist (LCA), and traffic-jam assist (TJA) applications using the AWR1843BOOST evaluation module (EVM). This design allows theestimation (in the azimuthal and elevation plane), tracking of the position (in the azimuthal plane), and the velocity of objects in its field of view (FoV)for up to 150 m. This design also allows transmit (TX) beamforming by turning on all of the 3TX operations simultaneously. Beamsteering is also supported by using the 6-bit TX phase shifter to steer the beam toward different angles in the azimuthal direction.


  • Single-chip radar for BSD, LCA, TJA, and SRR applications
  • 150-m detection range (such as cars and trucks)
  • Range resolution of 4.3 cm for less than 30-m range, and 35 cm to 75 cm beyond 30 m
  • 3TX simultaneous operation for TX beamforming
  • Range and Doppler FFT processing using on-chip hardware accelerator (HWA)
  • Use of hardware TX phase shifter for beamsteering


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Beamsteering for corner radar reference design TIDEP-01021

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