Area scanner using mmWave sensor reference design(TIDEP-01010)

The TIDEP-01010 reference designleveragesTI single-chip millimeter-wave (mmWave) technology to implement an area scanner capable of detection and localization in 3D space. Using TI 60-GHz mmWave sensors, presence detection, as well as the ability to gauge the object's trajectory and speed, enables dynamic adjustment of the safety zone's size depending on the object's speed of approach, as well as the ability to predict before a safety zone is breached.


  • Demonstrates environmentally-robust area scanner using TI single-chip mmWave sensor
  • Detection and localization of people and objects across 3D space
  • Using a single device, supports sensing across field of view (FoV)up to 120° and range of 0 m to 10 m


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Area scanner using mmWave sensor reference design TIDEP-01010

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