WI-FI Power Strip/Energy Monitor Reference Design (TIDC-WIFI-METER-READING)

The TIDC-WIFI-METER-READINGTI Design adds Wi-Fi® communications to the TIDM-3OUTSMTSTRP smart power strip design. Wi-Fi connectivity is provided by the SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC32000 wireless MCU. A remote user can monitor the electricity consumption of the loads plugged into each of the three outlets and control a relay to switch power on/off. Smart power strips require connectivity to maximize their role in improving energy efficiency for applications such as data centers. The TIDM-BLE-MTR-READING TI Design offers another connectivity option.


Wi-Fi connectivity to monitor and control three independent electrical loads Smartphone or table display of active and reactive power, energy, power factor and other energy measurement parameters Wirelessly controlled relay to switch power on/off to individual loads SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC32000 wireless MCU provides integrated Wi-Fi in a single device High-efficiency flyback power supply architecture minimizes BOM count and reduces cost


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WI-FI Power Strip/Energy Monitor Reference Design TIDC-WIFI-METER-READING

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