Voice Remote Control Reference Design (TIDC-CC2650RC)

The SimpleLink™ multi-standard CC2650 remote control reference design is an all-in-one solution for development of voice-based Bluetooth® low energy, ZigBee® RF4CE™ or multi-standard remote controls. The reference design demonstrates the recommended layout for decoupling and RF in order to achieve the best RF performance. The design uses discrete components for the balun and filter and an inverted F PCB antenna which gives good performance at a low cost.


Designed to comply with ETSI (EN300328) and FCC (FCC part 15.247) specifications Multi-standard, Bluettoh low energy and Zigbee RF4CE connectivity Advanced features such as voice-activated commands and search Ultra-low power with low active and sleep current, fast start-up times and fast switching between modes


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Voice Remote Control Reference Design TIDC-CC2650RC

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