Sub-1GHz Wireless Long Range Reference Design with CC1120 (420 to 470 MHz) (TIDC-CC1120-LRM-420-470MHZ)

Narrowband is an industry standard way to get long range RF communication with higher immunity to interference versus wide band solutions. Use this reference design to test out the longest range solution from TI for your Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The tool for 420 to 470 MHz uses the CC1120DK, where the crystal on the evaluation module is replaced by a TCXO, together with a SW solution optimized for narrowband long range communication.


Ultra-narrowband, long range communication with minimal impact from other wireless interferers Over 100 km range possible, 2 km range in dense urban environment with sensitivity of -125 dBm @470 MHz with +14 dBm output power Excellent co-existence properties gives highly reliable communication in real-world environments CC1120 ultra-narrowband solution exceeds the requirements for life-critical communication systems High spectrum efficiency allows for more solutions operating simultaneously The demo tool includes test software optimized for ultra-narrowband long range communication available on-line, long range mode demo User Guide, and a Wiki page with details about the implementation and test results


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Sub-1GHz Wireless Long Range Reference Design with CC1120 (420 to 470 MHz) TIDC-CC1120-LRM-420-470MHZ

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