Automotive, mA-to-kA Range, Current Shunt Sensor Reference Design(TIDA-03050)

This reference design shows how to detect current from the mA-to-KA range using a busbar-type shunt resistor. The increasing demand of high-capacity batteries in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) drives the requirement for larger current spans and highly-accurate current sensors. Obtaining a good accuracy over three decades (mA to A, 1 A to 100 A, and 100 A to 1000 A) is quite challenging due to large amounts of noise in the system. This design solves this problem by using a high-resolution analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and high-accuracy current shunt monitors from TI.


Full-scale accuracy of: 0.02% full-scale range (FSR) for < 20A and < 0.05% FSR for 20A to 1500A at 25°C 0.1% FSR for < 20A and0.25% FSR for 20A to 1500A at 50°C Suitable for 50mA to 1500A range current measurement; configurable to varied current spans High-side sensing and low-side sensing Supports bi-directional current Bi-directional current measurement: -1500A to +1500A


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Automotive, mA-to-kA Range, Current Shunt Sensor Reference Design TIDA-03050

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