Automotive 144-Zone Local Dimming Backlight Reference Design(TIDA-020001)

This local dimming backlight reference design conserves power, extends the life of liquid-crystal displays (LCDs), and enhances automotive display quality through high dynamic range (HDR) or localized dimming technology. Seven multi-channel constant-current LED drivers allow for 144-zone localized dimming via pulsewidth modulation (PWM) on-time and current-level brightness configuration. A single serial interface allows daisy-chaining of the LED drivers for brightness and configuration programming. Temperature and ambient light sensors enable sensing of the surrounding conditions to protect from overtemperature scenarios and adjust the global brightness based on ambient brightness.


  • Individually dim backlight zones saves power, prevents backlight bleed, and realizes HDR and local dimming solutions
  • High-voltage transient and reverse battery protection
  • Ambient light sensing with excellent human eye spectral response matching with strong IR rejection (<1%)
  • Dynamically adjusts backlight brightness on logarithmic scale based on human eye and perception of brightness
  • Direct-lit backlight configuration
  • Single-chip sensing solutions without thermistors or photo-diodes


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Automotive 144-Zone Local Dimming Backlight Reference Design TIDA-020001

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