Reference design for automotive cluster driver notification functions(TIDA-01628)

This reference design implements power and driver notification functions typically found in an automotive instrument cluster. The design features reverse battery protection, a pre-boost stage to support cold-crank battery voltage conditions down to 3.5 volts, buck regulators for 3.3-V and 5-V supplies, an audio amplifier circuit to provide notifications, an LED backlight supply with automated brightness control and LED drivers with flexible diagnostic functions for tell-tale LEDs.


  • Wide Vin range supports cold cranking to 3.5V and load dump to 40V
  • Tell-tale LED drivers with configurable fault diagnostics
  • 5V, single rail audio amplifier for chime and warning
  • Adjustable ambient backlight brightness with light sensor
  • Low loss reverse battery protection for reduced power dissipation


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Reference design for automotive cluster driver notification functions TIDA-01628

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