Automotive Off-battery Dual-phase Boost Converter Reference Design(TIDA-01534)

This reference design is a high power, wide input voltage range circuit that uses synchronous boost controllers in a dual-phase configuration outputting four (4) switchable 12-V rails that each can supply up to 2.5 A with diagnostic features; plus a dual synchronous buck that generates two high current, lower voltage rails.


Wide input voltage range of 9V to 20V, support transient down to 6V and up to 36V Dual-phase high current synchronous boost controllers configuration with > 98% efficiency under typical operating conditions Dual high-current synchronous outputs: 5V, 3A nominal; 3.8V, 6.5A nominal Reverse battery protection with zero IQ smart diode controller Minimized AM radio band interference


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Automotive Off-battery Dual-phase Boost Converter Reference Design TIDA-01534

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