Automotive Multi Channel LED Driver Reference Design for HVAC HMI(TIDA-01500)

In HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) HMI (human machine interface) the displays and buttons are illuminated with many of LEDs. The drive circuit for these LEDs are traditionally realized in a discreet way so that an MCU drives external low side BJTs that sink current, limited by series resistor, to the LEDs. The BJTs may be driven with a PWM signal in order to get the dimming effect or they could be used simply like an on/off switch. This reference design is an alternative cost-effective LED driver solution capable of driving multiple LEDs without using current-limiting resistors. The reference design allows the designer to individually adjust the current, as well as the PWM-dimming signal, in each diode excluding those that are connected in series to one pin.


Configurable 16-channel LED driver Independent control of each channel LED dimming adjustment to the ambient light intensity Constant current control


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Automotive Multi Channel LED Driver Reference Design for HVAC HMI TIDA-01500

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