Automotive 400-W, 48-V Battery Input, 12-V Output Power Reference Design(TIDA-01407)

This reference design is an automotive, 400-W, phase-shifted full-bridge converter which generates the 12-V output from a 48-V car battery. The enhanced phaseshifted full-bridge controller implements programmable delays which ensure zero voltage switching (ZVS) over a wide range of operating conditions. The output implements synchronous rectification, which enables fast transient response and a high loop bandwidth. The system regulates 12 V at no load with less than 100 mW of standby power. Pseudo isolation is achieved through a transformer to prevent the 48-V battery from being shorted to the secondary side. The half-bridge gate drivers can withstand a maximum boot voltage of 120-V DC.


Phase shifted full bridge converter over the input voltage of 36V to 60V DC, output power up to 400W Extendable to 500W with heatsinking, easy to customize per customer needs Soft-switching, phase-shifted full bridge using UCC28951-Q1 analog controller, Grade 1 Regulated 12V output with 36V to 60V input and with <100mW standby power at no load Adaptive delay control for high efficiency across load range


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Automotive 400-W, 48-V Battery Input, 12-V Output Power Reference Design TIDA-01407

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