LMX2594 Multiple PLL Reference Design(TIDA-01346)

The TIDA-01346 design uses two LMX2594 synthesizers in combination to produce lower noise than is possible with just one. By combining the output of two synthesizers that are in phase, a theoretical 3 dB phase noise benefit is possible due to the output power being 6 dB higher while the noise power is only 3 dB higher. The LMX2594 is an ideal synthesizer for this application as it has a SYNC feature that allows it to have deterministic and repeatable phase as well as a programmable phase that can be used to correct for any phase error due to trace mismatches or any other factors.


3 to 12.5 GHz Output Frequency 40-fs rms Jitter at 9GHz (100 Hz to 100 MHz)


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LMX2594 Multiple PLL Reference Design TIDA-01346

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