Ultra-Small IO-Link Sensor Transmitter with RTD Front End Reference Design(TIDA-01335)

This reference design demonstrates the IO-Link communication in a small form factor of just 6mm PCB width with integrated protection and a resistance temperature detector (RTD) sensor front-end. The highly integrated and tiny IO-Link PHY offers: ESD, EFT, surge protection and reverse polarity protection. The build in LDO and configurable output current provide easy and flexible system implementation and offer at the same time low power dissipation due to the ultra-low residual voltage. The 24 bit Sigma-Delta analog to digital converter (ADC) captures the RTD value (PT100 temperature sensor), which is converted in the MCU and sent via IO-Link to the IO-Link master


IO-Link PHY with integrated 3.3V or 5.0V LDO Reverse polarity protection ESD, EFT and surge protection according to IEC 61000-4 50-mA to 350-mA configurable output current limit IO-link v1.1 and v1.10 (TMG stack) Small PCB board width of only 6mm


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Ultra-Small IO-Link Sensor Transmitter with RTD Front End Reference Design TIDA-01335

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