Compact, Half-Bridge, Reinforced Isolated Gate Drive Reference Design(TIDA-01159)

The TIDA-01159 design provides a reference solution for half-bridge isolated gated drivers used in driving power stages of UPS, inverters, server and telecom applications. This TI Design is based on the UCC21520 reinforced insulated gate driver from TI, and is capable of driving MOSFETs and SiC-FETs. The reference design contains a built-in isolated push-pull auxiliary power supply for powering the output of the isolated gate driver. By bringing together the isolated gate driver and isolated power supply in a compact board with a form factor (!~30 mm × 35 mm), this reference design provides a fully tested robust half bridge driver solution, capable of withstanding >100 kV/μs common mode transient immunity (CMTI).


Compact gate drive solution for driving power stages used in Mid- and High-Voltage Power Converters, Single-Phase and Three-Phase Inverters High driving current (4-A Source and 6-A Sink) Suits Driving MOSFET/ SiC-FET With Currents upto 100 A and Operating Frequencies up to 2 MHz, reducing switching losses significantly Supports 3250-VPK and 3000-VRMS Basic Isolation Provides very High CMTI of > 100 kV/μs for robust operation in noisy high dv/dt environment Integrated Dead-Time in gate driver improves reliability and avoids accidental shoot through of the power stage. Built-in compact , high efficient isolated supply to power the output side of the gate driver


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Compact, Half-Bridge, Reinforced Isolated Gate Drive Reference Design TIDA-01159

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