Automotive Reverse Polarity Protection Reference Design(TIDA-00992)

Reverse polarity is standard protection required in an automotive environment. When battery cables are detached and reconnected there is a probability of connecting the wires to wrong terminals of the battery. This mistake could damage the components in Electronic Control Units (ECU). To avoid damage to the ECU there is a need for reverse polarity protection. Schotky diodes could be used but will have a constantly high power loss. This reference design uses the LM5050-Q1 along with n-channel mosfet to provide reverse polarity protection and reduce the power dissipation.


Reverse polarity protection for 12V/24V/48V Oring controller to connect multiple batteries Improves system efficiency and very low quiescent current Replaces the Schottky diode and reduces the power dissipation ISO7637-2 and ISO16750-2 compliant


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Automotive Reverse Polarity Protection Reference Design TIDA-00992

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