Reference Design for Extending the OPA857 Transimpedance Bandwidth (TIDA-00978)

The OPA857 is a wideband, ultralow noise transimpedance amplifier (TIA) targeted at photodiode monitoring applications. The OPA857 has two selectable gain configurations of 5kΩ and 20kΩ while maintaining a nearly constant closed-loop bandwidth in excess of 100MHz . In this reference design, external resistors are added in parallel with the internal resistors to take advantage of the high-speed amplifier core to extend the transimpedance bandwidth of the amplifier.


Extending the bandwidth of the OPA857 from 100MHz to greater than 250MHz Adjusting the gain of the OPA857 between 1-20kΩ Evaluation module allows flexibility in testing the OPA857 in internal test mode or with an external photodiode


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Reference Design for Extending the OPA857 Transimpedance Bandwidth TIDA-00978

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