Gate Driver Reference Design for Parallel IGBTs With Short-Circuit Protection and Current Buffer(TIDA-00917)

Paralleling IGBT’s becomes necessary for power conversion equipments with higher output power ratings, where single IGBT cannot provide the required load current. This TI design implements a reinforced isolated IGBT gate control module to drive parallel IGBTs in Half bridge configuration. Paralleling IGBT’s introduces challenges at both gate driver (insufficient drive strength) as well as at system level in maintaining equal current distribution in both the IGBT’s while ensuring faster turn ON & turn OFF. This reference design uses Re-inforced isolated IGBT gate driver with integrated features like desaturation detection and soft turn off to protect the IGBT during fault conditions. Increased gate drive current (15A) is obtained through external BJT current booster stage without sacrificing the soft turn off feature. Further this design demonstrates the mechanism of avoiding gate current loops while operating IGBT’s in parallel.


Designed to drive parallel IGBT modules of 1200v rating with total gate charge’s upto 10µC Source\sink current ratings of upto 15 Apk with external BJT buffer stage IGBT short circuit protection using builtin DESAT and Adjustable soft turn-off time Built in common mode choke and emitter resistance for limiting emitter loop current 8000-Vpk VIOTM and 2121-Vpk VIORM reinforced isolation Very high CMTI of 100KV/us


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Gate Driver Reference Design for Parallel IGBTs With Short-Circuit Protection and Current Buffer TIDA-00917

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