1 to 2s I2C Li-Ion Battery Pack Manager Reference Design(TIDA-00895)

The Texas Instruments bq28z610 device is a Battery Pack Manager that integrates gas gauging, and protection for complete autonomous operation of 1-series to 2-series cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer battery packs. The architecture enables communication between the fuel gauging processor and an internal battery charger controller through I2C broadcast commands. This reference design eases the design process for the customer given that it is a complete pack solution which includes gauging and protection of the Li-ion battery. It includes an over-voltage IC for additional safety protection.


Fully Integrated gauge, protector to support 1 to 2-Series Li-Ion or Li-Polymer cells 2nd Level Protector provides Over Voltage Protection Impedance Track Technology Integrated SHA-1 Authentication This circuit design is tested and includes orderable EVM, User's Guide, and evaluation software


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1 to 2s I2C Li-Ion Battery Pack Manager Reference Design TIDA-00895

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