Magnetic Tamper Detection Using Low-Power Hall Effect Sensors Reference Design (TIDA-00839)

Magnetic tampering can paralyze any transformer in an energy measurement system, which may potentially lead to the system being unable to be powered properly or unable to correctly register the energy consumed by a load. This design implements a Class 0.2 three-phase energy measurement system that detects magnetic tampering using hall sensors. Magnetic tamper detection is enabled when running from both main and backup power sources. Methods are used to reduce the current consumption of the hall sensors to increase battery life when running from the backup power source.


Bop =±6.9 mT, Sensor Brp =±3.5mT Support for Backup Power Sources Software Power Duty-Cycling Reduces Current Consumption per Sensor to < 2 µA Three-Phase Energy Measurement Exceeds Class 0.2 Accuracy Requirements from ANSI and IEC TI Energy Library Firmware Calculates All Energy Measurement Parameters Including Active and Reactive Power; Active and Reactive Energy; Root Mean Square (RMS) Current and Voltage; Power Factor; and Line Frequency


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Magnetic Tamper Detection Using Low-Power Hall Effect Sensors Reference Design TIDA-00839

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