Automotive i.MX6 Quad Core Processor Power Reference Design (TIDA-00804)

The TIDA-00804 reference design is a low-cost discrete power solution for the i.MX6Q quad core application processor. All the DCDC regulators operate at frequencies above the AM radio broadcast band to avoid interference with the radio and to provide a small solution size due to smaller filter components. The first stage DC-DC converter can support a voltage input range of 6V to 42V, allowing the design to support start-stop operation as well as load dump. The second stage DC-DC converters provide all the necessary power rails to power the i.MX6Q. No power sequencer is necessary for this design. The PWB is a 4 layer board with 2 oz. copper to provide good power dissipation at 85 C ambient.


Wide input voltage range: off battery 6V to 42V power supply to support start-stop system and load dump The DC-DC regulators all operate above 1.8 MHz to avoid AM band interference Very small form factor: 75mm x 58mm circuit board dimensions No power sequencer necessary Less than 5% ripple on all power rails


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Automotive i.MX6 Quad Core Processor Power Reference Design TIDA-00804