Automotive Resistive Bridge Pressure Sensor Reference Design (TIDA-00793)

The TIDA-00793 reference design provides a simple, robust, and accurate sensor signal conditioning solution using the PGA301-Q1 for resistive bridge type pressure sensors. The protection strategies implemented in this design protect the pressure sensor against wiring harness faults, EMI, and automotive electrical transients. Theory, operation, and challenges involved in the design are systematically explained in the design guide.


Accuracy of 0.17% Over Temperature (-40°C to 125°C) Second Order Temperature and Linearity Compensation Algorithm Form Factor Design of 23x23mm Protection Against Harness Faults (Over voltage and Reverse Polarity Protection), Broken Wire Detection Meets ISO7637-3 Requirements for Transient Pulses, tested for Bulk Current Injection (BCI)-ISO11452-4


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Automotive Resistive Bridge Pressure Sensor Reference Design TIDA-00793

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