12W SEPIC Power Supply Reference Design for Industrial Applications (TIDA-00781)

The TIDA-00781 is a 12W SEPIC power supply reference design for industrial applications. It takes 12V nominal input voltage, and generates a 12V @ 1A output with 92% peak efficiency. The SEPIC converter topology allows voltage step-up and step-down conversion. The design covers a wide input range of 2.5V to 20V with a minimum start-up input voltage of 3.5V. When using a noisy 12V supply, the design can operate uninterrupted while maintaining a regulated 12V output. The reference design features the LM3481 as the SEPIC controller and uses a single coupled inductor to achieve compact solution size. The component area of the SEPIC is about 39 x 26 mm (1.5 x 1 inch). The reference board is layout-optimized for improved EMI performance. The design can also use the output voltage to operate, which means after the output voltage reaches 12V under normal operating conditions, the input voltage can be reduced to as low as 2.5V with the system still maintaining output voltage regulation within 5%. Note that at input voltage of 2.5V, the high input current causes the inductor to heat up to over 130°C so this is not a recommended operating condition.


Input: 2.5V to 20V (3.5V minimum start-up), IC capable up to 48V input Outputs: 12V @ 1A 12W total output power Peak efficiency 92% Switching frequency 500kHz Output voltage ripple less than 50mV Compact 4 layer board, 1oz outer, 0.5oz inner copper layers Board Size: 76.2x54.8mm; solution size: 710.3 mm2


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12W SEPIC Power Supply Reference Design for Industrial Applications TIDA-00781

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