Brushless DC Propeller Controller Reference Design (TIDA-00735)

The TIDA-00735 reference design is a 10.8V to 25.2V brushless DC motor controller for high power propeller, fan, and pump applications. It uses the Texas Instruments' DRV8303 brushless DC motor gate driver, CSD17573Q5B 30V NexFET™ power MOSFETs, MSP430 16-bit low power MCU, and TPS70933 30V ultra-low IQ LDO. It controls motor with trapezoidal sensor-less control algorithm and commands the motor speed through an external reference signal from a central controller. This design is focused on demonstrating a highly efficient and high power BLDC motor system.


10.8 V to 25.2 V input voltage range 15 A RMS, 23 A peak output current capability Small form factor (L x W): 2.2” x 1.0” Speed control with single reference signal Sensor-less trapezoidal control Wide array of system protection features including MOSFET VDS overcurrent and supply under-voltage protection


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Brushless DC Propeller Controller Reference Design TIDA-00735