1W Isolated Power Supply with Planar Transformer Reference Design (TIDA-00688)

Isolated power supply is a main requirement in every industrial application where modules are connected to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). Often, for those PLC modules there is only limited spaceavailable, making the inclusion of large isolation transformers more difficult. The TIDA-00688 reference design provides isolated ±15V and 5V outputs in a very thin form factor with only 2.2mm height on each side of the printed circuit board (PCB). This is achieved by integrating the transformer directly into the PCB. Furthermore, the TI Design can be operated off a wide input voltage range of 14V - 36V and is all included in a small 25.4mm * 43.8mm form factor.


Integrated Planar Transformer Wide Input Voltage Range 14V to 36V (24V NOM) Three Isolated Outputs (1.7mm clearance prim-sec coils, 0.71mm prepreg (type 7628) prim-sec coils) 15V Isolated, 30mA, Ultra-Low Noise -15V Isolated, 30mA, Ultra-Low Noise 5V Isolated, 40mA Ultra-Thin Profile < 2.2mm 6mm thickness side to side (defined by ferrite)


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1W Isolated Power Supply with Planar Transformer Reference Design TIDA-00688

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