Inductive Proximity Switch BoosterPack Reference Design (TIDA-00563)

The TIDA-00563 TI Design offers highly integrated complete analog front end (AFE) inductance-to-digital converters (LDCs) optimized for use in industrial proximity sensors for contactless and robust applications such as presence detection and event counting. Inductive sensing technology provides reliable and accurate sensing even in the presence on dirt, oil or moisture making them ideal for use in harsh or dirty environment. This reference design uses a 1.8V to 3.3V high resolution, high speed inductance-to-digital converter which provides a programmable decision threshold setting and wide sensor frequency range. The scope of this design guide is to give system designers a head-start in integrating TI’s inductance-to-digital converter (LDC), ultra-low-power MCU and power management devices into their end-equipment systems. This design guide describes the principle of operation and basic design process for building a high performance and high reliable inductive proximity switch at lower cost than other competing solutions. All the relevant design files like schematics, BOM, layer plots, Altium files, Gerber and MSP430 MCU firmware are provided.


Inductive sensing technology Non-contact detection of metallic targets at shorter ranges Increased flexibility and performance without requiring analog trimming techniques Operating distance: 6 mm and programmed for hysteresis of 1 mm Insensitive to environmental contaminations More reliable operation sensor self-diagnostic Replace legacy analog only solutions


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Inductive Proximity Switch BoosterPack Reference Design TIDA-00563

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