16-channel Status LED Driver for PLC Modules Reference Design (TIDA-00560)

The objective of the TIDA-00560 TI Design is to demonstrate a multi-channel LED driver as required in PLC I/O modules to indicate the status of several analog, digital input, and output channels. Important requirements for such a design like low static current, low component count, minimal PCB requirements, and an integrated LED diagnostic features are addressed with this design. The two layer single-side component mounted board is compatible with the BeagleBone cape specification for rapid evaluation with the BeagleBone platform.


16-channel shift register with wide range constant current sinks (2-35mA) Two-level selectable LED brightness to compensate for ambient light Diagnostic features: LED open and LED shorted to ground Standardized SPI connects seamlessly to standard processors Number of channels can be increased by daisy-chaining multiple LED driver devices BeagleBone cape support for easy evaluation


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16-channel Status LED Driver for PLC Modules Reference Design TIDA-00560

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