Automotive Capacitive Proximity Kick to Open Detection Reference Design (TIDA-00506)

This TI design showcases proximity sensitivity using TI's FDC1004 EVM for an automotive kick to open application within a plastic bumper. This TI design also showcases test results that include exposure to mud and water on the bumper to determine the impact of common environmental factors.


Input Offset Capacitance up to 100pF the large offset capacitance capability allows for the use of remote sensors and allows the use of long cables. It also allows tracking and compensating for environmental changes over time, i.e. temperature and humidity. Two channels shield drive up to 400pF the large shield drive can reduce environmental interferences such as EMI, noise and proximity from undesired targets and help focus the sensing direction of a capacitive sensor, thus enhancing its resolution. Effective resolution (noise floor) of 16 bits allowing far object sensing with a small, inexpensive conductive sensor. Four measurement channels multiple channels allows multiple applications where one channel can be used as environmental sensor to track and compensate for environmental (e.g. temperature, humidity) changes. Small 3mmx3mm footprint enableing using the device in space constrained applications.


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Automotive Capacitive Proximity Kick to Open Detection Reference Design TIDA-00506

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