36V, 32A Power Stage for BLDC Motor with Cycle by Cycle Stall Current Limiter (TIDA-00436)

This reference design is a power stage for brushless motors in battery-powered garden and power tools rated up to 1 kW, operating from a 10-cell lithium-ion battery with a voltage range from 36 to 42 V. The design uses 60V, N-channel NexFETsTM featuring a very low drain-to-source resistance (RDS_ON ) of 1.8 mΩ in a SON5x6 SMD package, which results in a very small PCB form factor of 57 × 59 mm. The three-phase gate-driver is used to drive a three-phase MOSFET bridge, which can operate from 6 to 60 V and supports programmable gate current with maximum setting of 2.3-A sink / 1.7-A source. The C2000™ Piccolo™ LaunchPad™ LAUNCHXL-F28027 is used along with this power stage and 120 degree trapezoidal control of BLDC motor with Hall sensors is implemented in software. The cycle by cycle current limit feature in the gate-driver protects the board from excessive current that is caused during motor stalls, by limiting the maximum current allowed in the power stage to a safe level.


1-kW Power Stage with Hall sensor based Trapezoidal Control for Brushless DC Motor implemented on TMS320F28027 MCU. Designed to Operate from 10-Cell Li-Ion Battery Voltage Ranging from 30-V to 42-V Delivers up to 32-ARMS Continuous Motor Current With an Airflow of 400 LFM Small PCB Form Factor of 57mm x 59 mm using CSD18540Q5B 60-V/400-Apeak, 1.8-mΩ RDS_ON, SON5x6 package MOSFETs for Power Stage Uses DRV8303 Three-Phase Gate Driver, Which can Operate from 6 to 60-V Input, Supporting Programmable Gate Current With Maximum Setting of 2.3-A Sink / 1.7-A Source Hardware Cycle-by-Cycle Overcurrent limit with Configurable Threshold for motor stall protection Provision for Sense Feedback of Individual Phase Voltage, DC Bus Voltage, DC Bus current sense and Low-Side Current sense on Each Phase for Sensorless Control TPS54061 based 3.3-V/0.15-A Step-Down Buck Converter for Powering MCU Designed to Operate at an Ambient Temperature of–20°C to 55°C


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36V, 32A Power Stage for BLDC Motor with Cycle by Cycle Stall Current Limiter TIDA-00436

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