75V/10A Protected Full-Bridge Power Stage Reference Design for Brushed DC Drives (TIDA-00365)

Low voltage brushed DC drives are used in many applications. TI offers a rich family of brushed DC motor driver solutions with flexible control interface options for one or more brushed DC motors up to 60V. For applications which require higher torque and power, often voltages above 60VDC are used. The TIDA-00365 protected full-bridge operates at nominal 75VDC input and 10A output current and features bipolar high-side current sensing leveraging a 100V full-bridge gate driver SM72295 with integrated amplifiers and four 100V NexFET power MOSFETs with ultra-low gate charge and small SON5x6 package with low thermal resistance. The power stage is protected against over-temperature, over-current and short-circuit between the motor terminals and motor terminals to ground. Onboard power supplies provide a 12V and a 3.3V rail for the gate driver and signal chain. The host processor interface is 3.3V I/O to connect a host MCU like C2000 Piccolo MCU for brushed DC motor current control.


Protected full-bridge power stage with input voltage up to 100VDC (75VDC nominal) and 10A output current BOM reduction through SM72295 100-V full-bridge gate driver with integrated amplifiers used for high-side bipolar phase current sensing Calibrated current sense accuracy ±1% (over full range ±10A and ±0.2% (within ±1A range) Full-bridge optimized for low EMI with 25ns rise/fall time on switch-node voltages with no over- and under-shoot Full-bridge protected against over-temperature, under-voltage, over- and short-circuit current between motor terminals and motor terminals to GND 95% efficiency at 16 kHz PWM. No heatsink required at 25C ambient and nominal load thanks to TI NexFET power MOSFET Host processor interface with dual complementary PWM inputs (3.3V CMOS) and analog outputs (0-3.3V) for bipolar high-side current sense and motor terminal voltage


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75V/10A Protected Full-Bridge Power Stage Reference Design for Brushed DC Drives TIDA-00365

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