Small Form Factor Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Reference Design (TIDA-00358)

This design showcases the CC254x family of Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) wireless microcontrollers (MCUs) + a meandered F antenna in a compact form factor that can be soldered to an existing PCB. This reference design provides access to all I/Os of the BLE wireless MCU allowing the evaluation of BLE connectivity in existing systems. This design is compatible with Texas Instrumentss royalty-free BLE stack that include example applications for faster evaluation.


Automotive-qualified CC2541-Q1 available (Note: There is a slight pinout change from CC2541) Provides reference design for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) antenna design- leveraging low cost trace antenna Antenna performance provided in the test data 22 Pin Functions are available 2 SPI ports/ UART ports I2C port 2 GPIO ports with 20mA drive capability 21 multiplex GPIOs 8 ADC channels 32 KHz-based sleep timer BLE firmware and iOS app software is free of charge when used with TI radios or similar to help customers get to market faster


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Small Form Factor Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Reference Design TIDA-00358

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