Automotive Wireless External Mirror Control Reference Design (TIDA-00357)

This automotive wireless external mirror control reference design showcases a proof-of-concept solution for an automotive power side view mirror that communicates wirelessly with a control switch. Using TI's automotive-qualified BLE + MCU CC2541-Q1 system-on-chip solution, this reference design enables cost, weight, and fuel savings by replacing expensive and heavy cable harnesses. This SoC also pairs seamlessly with TI's integrated H-bridge motor driver solutions, DRV8801-Q1 and DRV8802-Q1, for fold and mirror position adjustment features. Also, to drive the mirror's heating element, TI's single channel integrated smart FET TPS1H100B-Q1 is used.


AEC-Q100 qualified devices Automotive-qualified CC2541-Q1 available (Note: There is a slight pinout change from CC2541) Allows the replacement of wires through a robust and mature Bluetooth ultra-low power SoC solution with full Bluetooth low energy certification Single H-bridge motor driver and dual H-bridge motor driver solutions with integrated protection features of overcurrent, thermal, and undervoltage lockout for higher system reliability Wide input voltage range 3V to 50V LDO for direct battery connection with integrated reverse battery protection Functionality in start-stop environments


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Automotive Wireless External Mirror Control Reference Design TIDA-00357

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