BeagleBone Cape for Programmable Logic Controller Reference Design (TIDA-00312)

The BeagleBone Black (BBB) Cape for the PLC I/O module is a platform for evaluation of the PLC I/O reference designs (ex. TIDA-00236). The platform showcases TI’s system solution that can be used in a PLC signal chain and allows evaluation of the signal chain performance. The cape connects the PLC I/O reference design daughter card (ex. TIDA-00236) to the BBB board. The BBB board runs the evaluation software for the I/O card and a webserver, allowing the user to view the performance from a PC. The highlight of this design is the simple hardware and minimal software installation requirements on the PC for evaluation. TI’s PLC I/O module reference designs have complete signal chain for the PLC I/O modules. Evaluating the signal chain requires examination of the critical performance parameters of the hardware. Data collection, processing, and display are the typical functions required for evaluation. The easy-to-use GUI accelerates the performance of the I/O module evaluation process and reduces time to market.


Connects Input and Output (I/O) Daughter Cards (ex. TIDA-00236) to BeagleBone Board BeagleBone Board Auto-Detects the I/O Daughter Card and Loads the Appropriate Software Driver SPI and I/O Daughter Card Power Terminates on Terminal Block for Connection to Any Other Application Specific Integrated Circuit, MCU, or FPGA Web Server-Based Graphical User Interface (GUI) Running on the BeagleBone Board Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Allow Development, Custom Test Functions, and Applications on BeagleBone Using Web Server DC Input Supply: 18- to 32-V Power Supply


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BeagleBone Cape for Programmable Logic Controller Reference Design TIDA-00312